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Fantasy Portraits

The Power Of Play

Remember how much fun you had dressing up when you were a kid? Who said we had to stop? Play is the incubator for creativity,  creativity gives birth to transformation and transformation brings forth healing. I specialise in fantasy photography because fantasy connects us and is the remedy for a life that's lacking in magic, romance and mystery... and we can all do with more of that.

Many of my clients are multi-passionate, meaning they have regular 'day jobs' as well as an enterprise which allows them to express themselves and their creativity. It's a joy to work with these artists and help them to achieve their dreams and ambitions. 


I have many years of experience as a professional portrait photographer and will gently direct your styling, posing and expression, expertly retouch and artwork your masterpiece ready for display. So let your imagination run riot and feel free to dream BIG.


When a client comes to me with their fantasy shoot ideas, I like to create mood boards so that we are both on the same page concept wise. Once the mood boards have been finalised I share them with my stylists who help me bring those ideas to life. I have a small selection of costumes and accessories at my studio that I can supply, but most clients bring their own costumes. In some cases I have tailor made specific costumes and accessories for a shoot.

A week or two after your shoot, you will have your viewing appointment. This is my favourite part because I love watching the reactions of my clients when they see their slide show of images for the first time. It's always a heart-warming moment. This is your opportunity to select and purchase your favourite images and decide how you would like your artwork presented. 


"An incredibly talented photographer, visual artist, and so much more! Vanessa was wonderful to work with, and the images are absolutely fantastic!"


Parabola West

Musician & Performer


"A million thanks to the amazingly talented Vanessa for her incredible work to help me make this photoshoot dream a reality."


June Licha


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"You are wonderful for doing this. Thank goodness for you."


Vanessa Burton

Gown Designer

Go Behind The Scenes

As you will see from this video we put a lot of love into our creations and have a lot of fun in the process.