Image Retouching

Making The Impossible Possible

Creating incredible fantasy images that look believable is a fine art and it's what I love to do. As well as being able to enhance and add fantasy elements to the images I take, I can also elevate YOUR images to give them the 'wow' factor. Regardless of whether you're an amateur or a professional photographer, as long as you provide me with high resolution images, your wedding, family, cosplay or pet portraits can be altered to look like they were shot in the set of a big budget movie. But the fun doesn't stop there! I can add text and turn your amazing images into a framed master piece, movie poster, album cover, calendar or a story book! Please watch the video below to see a few examples of my retouching portfolio.

Retouching Services

Below is a list of the retouching services clients most often ask me to perform. 



I take unwanted objects out of images. For example, if a random wanders into your holiday photo, spoiling your perfect shot, I can make them disappear.


That's when I combine two or more images together to make a single image. 


Yes, you guessed it...I can make blemishes vanish, smooth texture, blend skin colour so a person's body parts all match and give skin an overall glowing, healthy look.


My clients often ask me to give them a 'nip and tuck', because it's a lot less painful and expensive than the real thing and it's reversible. 


That's when I remove people or objects from the background they were photographed against. I can stop there and provide you with a transparent background, or put your subjects in front of a completely different background. I do this a lot with product shots, but we can also do this with people.



That's short for chroma keying and it involves removing the green screen background from an image and replacing it with another background. It's similar to clear cutting, but uses different techniques and results in more defined edges.