• Vanessa Wood

Preparing your home for a Real Estate Photo Shoot.

Real Estate photo shoots are a lot like a portrait sittings; a bit of thoughtful preparation by the client BEFORE the big day can guarantee much better results ON the day.

I want your home to look its very best for its shoot, so I have compiled a list of things that you can do to ensure your home is represented to its fullest potential. Some of these points might seem obvious, but when vendors are under pressure, even the most basic things can be forgotten.


Remember, achieving ‘street appeal’ is your top priority here.

  • Remove all vehicles from the driveway (and roadside if possible).

  • Put away garden hoses, tools, bikes and other objects that could clutter your lawn or garden.

  • Make sure that the grass is mowed.

  • Sweep the driveway and paths.

  • Move rubbish and recycling bins out of sight.


Remember that your ultimate goal here is to achieve a warm, welcoming and clutter free feeling to potential buyers and this can be done by…

  • Making sure all your personal photos, memorabilia and laundry are all out of sight.

  • Open curtains and blinds.

  • Replace all worn out light bulbs to ensure ALL areas of the house are well illuminated. Keep the lights on during the photoshoot to give photos a warm feel. (For best results use the same colour temperature bulb in each room because mixing tungsten, fluorescent and daylight temperatures can cause some pretty ugly colour casts in photos.)

  • Touch up any paint chips or wall damage with a matching paint colour (even small differences in paint colour will be noticeable in digital images).

  • Conceal cords from lamps and electronics.

  • Vacuum the floor, dust furniture, clean and polish reflective surfaces (including windows).

  • Remove all evidence of pets (bedding, toys, food bowls , etc.)

  • In the bedrooms: Put your best linen on the beds and smooth out the wrinkles and lumps. Fluff the pillows. Tidy away all clothing and shoes. Remember the more floor space that's visible, the bigger the room will look.

  • In the kitchen/dining room: Do the dishes and clear off table and bench tops (a few well placed items are acceptable). Place fresh cut flowers in a vase on the dining table. Remove fridge door clutter, like magnets, shopping lists and kids artwork.

  • In the bathroom: Place clean, colour co-ordinated towels on the rails. The vanity is usually the focal point of the bathroom so make sure to clear away personal items and keep the vanity top clutter free.

  • In the living room: Arrange the furniture so that the room looks as big as possible, even if that means taking some furniture away. Make sure if you have a TV there, that the back of it is facing the wall and not into the room, as this looks messy.

The clutter thing is so important it's worth repeating. I get that you love your family portraits (especially if I shot them) and you're proud of your National Geographic collection, but buyers don't care how cute your family is, or how well read you are. Clutter is distracting and if potential buyers can’t visualise their stuff in your house, they will be less likely to buy it.

If you’re struggling for space to hide things away in, use your garage if you have one, or your neighbour’s garage if you don’t have one of your own. If that’s not do-able, consider hiring a self-storage unit, it is money well spent.

Photographer: Vanessa Wood

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