Client Testimonials

"A million thanks to the amazingly talented Vanessa for her incredible work to help me make this photoshoot dream a reality. It is thanks to people like this that the little spark of our inerchild can express itself and burst into a majestic creative fire. And isn't that what we all need? Thanks for her professionalism and great directing skills which could almost turn anyone into a professional model. Thanks for her time and efforts spent during the preparation, on the sets and afterwards. Thanks for her open mind and keen eye for every single details! Whatever fantasy world you try to create with the photoshoot, she can make it happen. Looking forward to the next photoshoot with her!"

June Licha 


"Working with Vanessa Wood of Suede Studios on a branding photoshoot was fabulous! Vanessa planned our photoshoot with such precision and has such a great eye that we managed to get many more fantastic shots than expected from the session. She understood my vision (even when I lost track of it myself!) and made sure that all the images were beautifully on-brand. Highly recommended for artfully captured photos and an experience that is at once professional and warm."

Dr Sasha Nair 

Coach and Endocrinologist


"Capturing that perfect portrait isn’t about the size of the studio, the expensive camera, big lenses or lights, although those things are nice. What will really makes your portrait special, unique and meaningful to you is the person behind the camera.

Someone who has passion, compassion and empathy, can change the way you see yourself and the world. Someone who has creativity and inspiration, can take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.

Vanessa has those qualities and a wide ranging skill set from many years experience working in the film, television and fashion industries. You can trust Vanessa to give you professional service, sound advice and offer the best quality products."

Nicky MacDonald

Producer and Director 

"I absolutely recommend Suede Studios. I am 67 and wanted a few nice photos of myself for once, with nice makeup, hair and clothing, having only several good ones in my entire lifetime. 
I was apprehensive when I arrived, but Vanessa made me feel instantly relaxed and encouraged throughout, and looking back I thought how much of a fun time it was and amazingly enjoyable. 
I cannot stress enough how professional and talented Vanessa was on the day, and with the finished results. Thankyou, Vanessa for even exceeding my expectations with this project. What Vanessa achieves is an exceedingly polished work of art."



Retired Teacher (67)

"Hi Vanessa, beautiful lady. I just wanted to drop you a note to say I had the most awesome day with you.  You are a superb photographer, give great clear instructions so that your client can look her best and just make them feel so at ease and beautiful. Obviously being in lingerie yourself would help when showing the moves, but then perhaps not as your client will just get too distracted by you. hahahaha. So thank you! I’m glad I chose YOU to do it!  My GUT was right. It was the experience of a lifetime."


Chartered Accountant

"An incredibly talented photographer, visual artist, and so much more! Vanessa was wonderful to work with, and the images are absolutely fantastic!"


Parabola West

Musician & Performer

"I think your service is fantastic. I really loved your attention to detail and the quality of the photos is excellent. Wonderful job."


Actor & Model

"Suede Studios are second to none. Vanessa's professionalism, expertise and willingness to go above and beyond makes for an exciting and stimulating creative environment. She is always willing to offer suggestions or alternatives that invariably improve the end result. The final shots have been nothing short of breath-taking. I greatly enjoy the collaborative relationship I have with Suede Studios and look forward to many more shoots in the years to come." 

Matt Gillanders


"Beautiful session. I felt completely comfortable with Vanessa and would recommend her to anyone needing some good shots done."



Fitness Instructor

"Vanessa, thank you for being so awesome on our shoot - you are so cool to work with." 

Brooke Benton

Commercial Director at Exposure International

"I normally hate having my photo taken but Vanessa made the whole process really enjoyable."



"Our five year old boy walked in sulking and walked out with a big smile on his face!"


Full-time Mum


"Great session thanks Vanessa, you were really friendly and did a great job of making us feel relaxed and we had a fun time." 




"Thank you so much for your patience. I wasn't expecting anything - my child has special needs and doesn't make eye contact or smile at the best of times, so it was great to see him smiling at the camera in your shots. You have a real talent for this."


Full-time Mum