If you've ever given your living space a makeover you will be familiar with the feelings of renewed enthusiasm, creative energy, confidence and pride you got from doing it. My transformations have similar results, but on a much bigger scale. That's because YOU are on the receiving end of all that TLC. 

Cheryl is a mum of two and an interior designer, so finding the time in her busy life to commit to a photo shoot across town required some planning and there were also nerves to overcome. Determined to invest her time and energy into herself for the boost she knew she would get from the experience, Cheryl put aside all the excuses why she shouldn't and did it anyway.




Thanks so much for an amazing experience. It was something I had never done before and was obviously nervous but you made it fun and helped me relax. I would highly recommend it. It was fantastic to be someone else for a few hours and the end results - the photos have given me confidence. Thanks Vanessa.


Be Your Best Self

I care just as much about making you feel great as I do about making you look great. 

Doing a transformational photo shoot can help you...


*Raise your energy levels for increased health and vitality.

*Decrease anxiety, stress, depression, fear and pain. 

*Increase your mental clarity, focus, creativity and general calmness.

*Bring to your awareness non-beneficial thoughts and beliefs which hold you back.

*Find your true purpose.

*Give you confidence and motivation to show up for Life and dream big.

This is the perfect opportunity to pause, relax and have some fun. I can help you remember your best attributes and quiet the negative self-talk which steals your confidence and holds you back. Many of my clients have gone as far as to say their transformation was "life changing."

Marion Before.jpg


Vanessa made me feel instantly relaxed and encouraged throughout, and looking back I thought how much of a fun time it was and amazingly enjoyable. What Vanessa achieves is an exceedingly polished work of art. 



Retired Teacher (67)



Have your favourite transformation images made into a gorgeous faux leather bound album featuring lay-flat pages that offer an uninterrupted flow of imagery. Albums come with a custom made archive box to keep your treasured images safe.


I had the most awesome day with you. You are a superb photographer, give great clear instructions so that your client can look her best and just make them feel so at ease and beautiful. So thank you! I’m glad I chose YOU to do it!  My GUT was right. It was the experience of a lifetime.



Chartered Accountant

Your Experience

Here's what to expect… 

Prior to your shoot day I will be in contact to discuss your requirements so you can tell me about yourself and your wish list. Please feel free ask me any questions you might have so you are not worrying about anything before you arrive. I want you to have a relaxing sleep the night before! 

On your shoot day, you will be warmly welcomed and offered a refreshment.

For the first hour you will have your hair and makeup done. If you are not used to wearing much makeup this may seem a lot, but rest assured it is all required so that the studio lights don't make you look washed out. Your best features will be enhanced and you might even learn some new tricks to take away with you. 


Your clothing will be styled so that you not only look incredible, but you will feel a million dollars as well. I recommend that you bring along your own clothing, lingerie and accessories, which will provide the best fit and suit your individual taste, but if something in my wardrobe department catches your eye, you are most welcome to give it a try. Who knows, you might even fall in love with a new style – that happens a lot. 


During the photography part of your shoot I will guide you through a range of flattering poses and help you with your clothing changes. You can expect to have about 3-4 clothing and set changes to give you a variety of images and to make the selection process even more exciting. 


About a week or two after your photo shoot you will return for your appointment to view and purchase your images. I know that you will fall in love with all of your images, so anticipate setting aside at least 2 hours for this. Seeing your beautiful images for the first time is the best part, so it would be a pity to rush it.


I will lightly retouch your images before I present them to you so that any blemishes or stray hairs are removed. You can request more enhancements or have artistic elements added, which I can provide you a quote for. You can expect to have between 20-40 images to choose from.


Once you have selected which images are your favourites, I will guide you through the process of selecting which display options best suit you. Find out more about my display options by clicking on the button below.

I look forward to meeting you!