Be Your Best Self

If you have ever given your living space a makeover you will be familiar with the feelings of renewed enthusiasm, creative energy, confidence and pride you got from doing it. Our Transformations have similar results, but on a much bigger scale, that's because YOU are on the receiving end of all that TLC. 

We have put together a variety of experience packages to choose from. To find out more, click on the button below.

Transformation Therapy

We care just as much about making you feel great as we do about making you look great. 

If you would love to have a transformational photo shoot but lack the confidence or conviction to do it, then you would benefit from some Transformational Therapy. Just like the prep-work you do before you start painting or wallpapering your walls, Transformational Therapy is a necessary step if you want the finished surface to look (and feel) its best. 


Transformational Therapy can help you... 


*Raise your energy levels for increased health and vitality.

*Decrease anxiety, stress, depression, fear and pain. 

*Increase your mental clarity, focus, creativity and general calmness.

*Bring to your awareness non-beneficial thoughts and beliefs which hold you back.

*Find your true purpose.

*Give you confidence and motivation to show up for Life and dream big.

When you look and feel your Best Self, you live your Best Life.

Transformational Therapy is a separate appointment and we recommend you have at least three one hour sessions before your photo shoot with at least three days in between your therapy sessions. That's because many people experience strong healing reactions, which can take a day or two to recover from. Rest assured you will feel revitalised and more confidant afterward and ready for the next part of your Transformation, your style makeover and photo shoot!

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This is the perfect opportunity to pause, relax and have some fun. We can help you remember your best attributes and quiet the negative self-talk which steals your confidence and holds you back. Many of our clients have gone as far as to say their Transformation was "life changing."

So, what are you waiting for?

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Cheryl is a mum of two and an interior designer, so finding the time in her busy life to commit to a photo shoot across town required some planning and there were also nerves to overcome. Determined to invest her time and energy into herself for the boost she knew she would get from the experience, Cheryl put aside all the excuses why she shouldn't and did it anyway.




Thanks so much for an amazing experience. It was something I had never done before and was obviously nervous but you made it fun and helped me relax. I would highly recommend it. It was fantastic to be someone else for a few hours and the end results - the photos have given me confidence. Thanks Vanessa.



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